Membership is open to everyone regardless of age or singing ability. You don't have to be able sing or to read music, just follow tunes by ear. We will teach you the rest! This will have a completely different feel to most other choirs you may have experienced due to the fast pace, fun and energy.

The choir runs in line with the three school terms each year with at least three scheduled concerts a year. In addition, extra concerts (by request) will be added on an as and when basis.

Membership is the equivalent of  5 per week per person. The first week you come and try us is free. Following that, if you decide to join, the cost is 5 per week over 39 weeks. If you pay by direct debit, it's 16.25 per month. There's no difference in price.

If you prefer, you can pay up front for the term by cheque.

What does the cost cover?
The cost covers weekly rehearsals (39 weeks) PLUS any additional rehearsals in the run up to concerts. It also includes all concert costs. The only additional costs will be for choir merchandise (T shirts etc..) or other social events, should you wish to purchase them separately.

Where do my fees go?
Membership direct debit covers our running costs, musical preparation and purchase and venue hire.

Make this the highlight of your week!


Click THIS LINK to set up a direct debit payment.
Please note this is for subscribed members only.
If you've not visited us before, please get in touch first.