The Spirit of Community

The word community is based on the words common unity. Community is formed, when there is a single purpose which brings people together. Typically people think this is location, however for Festival Community Choir, we want to grow the strength of community around singing an eclectic mix of different music. There needs to be discipline to achieve unison, but this is balanced with fun encompassing the spirit of community. Members are individuals, yet when we sing, we sing as one. Sometimes, a soloist will take the lead which the choir responds to with the richness and texture of powerful harmonies bringing colour and variety to the songs that we sing. When the choir is preparing for a performance, there is a natural dynamic of supporting one another to provide a quality performance. Our professionalism is based on the desire to communicate a powerful message in unity of expression.
Everyone has the ability to sing! Some have that belief, most do not think so, but with every muscle in the body, with practice and training we all share a common instrument which has the ability to bring peace, relief and joy to many.