Do I have to be a good singer and do I have to audition?
No, we welcome people of all abilities (and those who profess no ability to sing either!) in our choirs and there is absolutely no audition - just join and pick it up as you go along!

Is it a mixed choir?
Yes men and women - over 18 years of age are most welcome! Bring your family and friends!

Do I have to commit to concerts?
No, all concerts are voluntary so you don't have to take part until you feel ready. We encourage members to take part in concerts as it helps to build the team spirit experience. Performing together secures bonds of trust and gives an adrenaline high and confidence boost. Once you have performed once, you will only want to do it again and again!

Can I suggest songs?
Yes! If it will work for the choir, we'll try it!

What happens if a session is cancelled?
We promise to do our best to make sure that every scheduled session takes place as usual. On the rare occasion that a session needs to be cancelled, we aim to give you as much notice as possible by email and text message and will look to re-arrange the session for a different time/day.

I'm very busy and can't attend every week, will I fall behind?
You never need to worry about falling behind. We have  the ability to provide you with backing tracks for use at home. This obviously doesn't make up for the 'real' experience of being with everyone!

Can I pause my membership?
We recognise that people are busy and life doesn't always run to plan. Just talk to us and we'll sort it out.

Due to circumstances I can't attend anymore, how do I cancel?
Just talk to us and we'll sort it out.